How to create a RP

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How to create a RP

Post  Bassillia the fox on Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:19 am

Creating a RP is simple once you get the hang of it.
1. First you need a idea,a rough sketch of a story.
2. Next you need to create a topic, and then type up the intro,leaving it open for others to join.
3. Lastly when you have enough people let the role playing begin!
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Re: How to create a RP

Post  Glaice the Cockatiel on Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:01 pm

Simple guidelines, but others might have more complex rules to each RP.

Heh, first reply.

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RPing Guidelines

Post  Amethyst the Cat on Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:39 pm

I will add a few more rules for the 'experienced RPer' as well as some guidelines for the usual newbies to RPing.

1. Grammar
2. Rules
3. The Form
4. The Plot
5. Your Characters
6. RPer Talk and such

Section 1 - Grammar

A little bit of grammar doesn't hurt anyone. Even a nine year old can type out sentences such as these.
Grammar includes capital letters
Capital letters are used for names, places and the start of a sentence.

Good Example
Amethyst ran over to Shadow, who was watching Sonic run around Green Hill Zone.

Bad Example
amethyst ran over to shadow, who Was Watching sonic run Around Green hill Zone

One of the few things that doesn't make you look like a n00b. Punctuation is very important in RPing.

Good Example
"What do you mean, Sonic?! Why don't you love me?! Is this because you love Sally more?!" Amy snapped at Sonic, threatening to get her hammer out.

Bad Example
"What do you mean Sonic why don't you love me is this because you love Sally more! Amy snapped at Sonic threatening to get her hammer out

Spelling and Chatspeak
Spelling is really important, something you simply cannot forget. Chatspeak is like the opposite of it. If you're not a good speller, it helps to put '(?)' after the word if you're not sure if it's spelt correctly. I'm one of the few people who can help with that.

Good Example
Tails sighed with relief as he fixed up the Tornado, once again.

Bad Example
Tals sied wit releif as he fixd the Tornado, 1nc agn. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
(No, just no!)

Out of character
Often shown with '()', this helps with interacting with the fellow RPers.

Good Example
"Sonic! Are you ok?" Tails asked as he helped Sonic up.
(This is my first time RPing here, is it ok?)

Bad Example
"Sonic! Are you ok?" Tails asked as he helped Sonic up.
This is my first time RPing here, is it ok?

Section 2 - Rules
Every RP has to have rules! Without them, your RP is just a huge anarchy, one of the things an RPer such as I, hates the most.

Rules you need, listed from important to least important
1. No powerplaying
2. No godmodding
3. Respect other members
4. Put OOC speech in brackets
5. You can only have three characters
6. If you have read the rules, put 'Shadow is the Ultimate Life Form' somewhere on your post

Section 3 - The Form
You cannot have an RP with a form!

The basic form is usually laid out like this:
Name: (The name of the character)
Age: (The age of this character)
Gender: (Are they male or female?)
Personality: (Describing what your character's personality is like)
History: (Optional to fill out, what your character's been through in his/her life)
Appearance: (Often filled with an image of your character or a description of what he/she looks like)

Section 4 - The Plot
What is the point of your RP if it has no plot! No plot, no RP, simple as that.

Good Example
A new invention has been released, it has broken free from its master and only seeks havoc on certain targets, including something speedy and blue all over. Its master, however, is unknown, no one knows about her, except her gender and a few of her inventions. The invention seems corrupted and demonic in a way, it's not like the usual robot, it's more like a shadow, fiendish and dark. The appearance is similar to that of a wolf but dark all over.
This is only a sample!

Bad Example
Sonic is running around with nothing to do! He has found Shadow and they are about to do battle together!

Section 5 - Your Characters
Each one of them has to be unique in some way, I shall point you through the ways of getting a good character and avoiding creating a bad one.

Well-designed characters
These characters are not absolutely perfect, they each have their own faults and talents, both equal in amount. When it comes to originality, you have to make sure it doesn't look to similar to a character that has already been created.

Badly-designed characters
There are a few ways you can create a badly-created character. It's quite long, so each have their own section.

Mary Sues and Gary Stus
The lowest of the low, you do not want one of these characters! They are perfect in every way! Everyone loves them, they have one well known flaw, clumsiness. They're name could also mean something very nice, take Bella Swan for example. Bella = Beautiful in Italian, then swan, therefore creating, beautiful swan.

Anti-Mary Sues and Gary Stus
It's basically the opposite of what is said above, these characters are hated by everyone. They have lived depressing lives only to find, later, that they have some sort of amazing talent.

Powerplaying and godmodding characters
Basically a character that has the power to destroy a whole planet. These characters are loved by their creator but hated to the other RPers. Powerplaying characters make their living by challenging Sonic, Shadow and Silver all at once and winning without one scratch, why? Dodging everything and manipulating them.

How not to powerplay and godmod
User 1: Ruby whipped Shadow with her tail.
User 2: Shadow grabbed Ruby's tail and threw her to the floor.
User 1: Ruby groaned as she attempted to get up.
User 2: Shadow grunted and kept her pinned down.
User 1: Ruby smiled a little and wrapped her tail around Shadow's leg, she threw him off her and got back onto her feet.
User 2: Shadow growled as he hit the floor, he glared at the red fox menacingly and got back up.
By going along with these RPing styles, both users can have a nice time~ That is until someone else comes along...
User 3: Dray grinned and used Chaos Blast on Ruby and Shadow, making them both stop completely. He grabbed their legs and threw them into the air, they were unable to dodge his powerful throw.
Tut, tut User 3, you just gave yourself a bad reputation.

Section 6 - RPer Talk and such
Ok, not the best title but what else could I use? Anyway...

Canon - A character that already exists
OOC - Out of character
OC - Original character (Your own one)
RP - Roleplay
RPer - Roleplayer
RPing - Roleplaying

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Good add!

Post  Bassillia the fox on Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:55 pm

Good addition to the forum!
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Re: How to create a RP

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