Rules and junk~

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Rules and junk~

Post  Bassillia the fox on Wed May 11, 2011 4:44 pm

Very Happy Hello~ I am the creator of this site, call me Bassillia or B. We are here to let sonic fans of all ages unite and talk, RP and show other sonic lovers their ocs. Please note that this website is a work in progress and will be edited every now and then. Also know that there is rules for each and every member to follow.
1. Please try your best to use good grammar, it can annoy other people if you don't.
2. Please keep the content you type and post PG13 and below. We have many ages on this site.
3. You can get off topic, as long as it is under control when you do, and you return to topic soon.
4. SPAM is not wanted. At all. No exceptions.
5. Follow these rules and have fun!

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